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Friday, April 10, 2015

Letter of intent to pull kids out of public school and printable report cards

So, for those of you who have been following along you will know that we were not planning to leave until May. However, things tend to change unexpectedly.

Pulling my kiddos out of school in the middle of the year is hard. This was one of my biggest challenges to be honest. We really can't wait for summer vacation however, because the Rocky Mountains do not have the double growing season that we are so accustomed to in South Louisiana. There are several reasons for our move at this time, but we really want to take advantage of the lovely weather so that we can prepare for our first winter.

Every state has different laws and some states require 10 days written notice prior to withdrawal. Check your state laws on homeschooling. This is very difficult because most school administrators may think they know the laws, but really have no clue about the homeschool laws. Every situation is different.

I maybe enrolling my kiddos in public school when we get settled in. Each kid has their own choice. It is their right. The public school system in Colorado is much better than Louisiana and does NOT use common core! YEY! That makes my heart feel super happy! (Okay can you tell I have a kindergartener?)

After much deliberation from my kiddos they all decided to finish off this year at the new school.  I had written a withdrawal letter for homeschool before, but I have never had to transfer them before. This was new territory. After much research I have created a sample transfer request letter.

You can download a sample transfer intent I created here.

Now that covers the youngest two kiddos. However, my oldest is homeschooled now. So, that means I need to make sure that he has a proper report card. Wow! I found an amazing resource for this!

FREE Printable Homeschool Report Cards

So now that all that is done I have one less thing to worry about!

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