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Monday, October 13, 2014

About Us

Josh and I met in 2005 and soon began our family. We have 2 very active boys and a little princess. They mean the world to us and we enjoy spending as much time as possible with them.

Although Jos was a Navy brat, he did most of his growing up in South Louisiana like me. We both have seen the effects that living in "Cancer Alley" has done to us. We have serious allergies and so much more. We knew that we needed to get out of Louisiana as fast as we could to prevent our children suffering the same fate.

We struggle to find organics and anything remotely healthy here. Most of the south doesn't seem to care about their health in the slightest. Wellness is not a culture, it's sickness. There are doctors and hospitals getting rich on every corner. Vitamins and holistic health is frowned upon here.

It was 2009, the year our daughter was born that we decided we needed a plan. Where would we go? What will our new life be like we wondered. Josh and I are extremely different people. We have a hard time agreeing on things at times.

We came up with a 5 year plan that was rather simple. Own at least 5 acres of land with a mountain view and camp out on it. The deadline was Josh's 35th birthday. I can tell you that we have already completed this goal and we are working on our new 5 year plan now. You can read about our first trip to our little slice of heaven SOON!

After 2.5 years of searching for property, we were frustrated. We looked in Missouri, Tennessee, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Oregon, Wyoming and Arkansas. None meet our criteria. Finally we wondered why didn't we look in Colorado?

But with hard work and determination we settled on a location, the Rocky Mountains! Not just any spot in the Rocky Mountains though. We chose the San Luis Valley in particular. He wanted to see the sunrise or set over the mountains, but living up on the mountain itself was not a requirement for him. He just wanted to be close enough so he could drive there within an hour. I fell in love with the desert in Arizona years ago and I wanted something close to that. I also love the flat land in Louisiana because I get motion sickness rather easily to be honest.

Please follow us on our journey from South Louisiana to our little Rocky Mountain Homestead.

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