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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fundraising on Tumblr

I know I haven't gotten around to showing you how absolutely amazing our land is, but today we have another topic to discuss.

We have already rented our moving truck! What fun! We thought about it for months and we have decided to rent our own truck and pack everything ourselves and he will drive with his Jeep in tow behind. It will be 1200 miles, so we are renting a 16' truck.

Thanks to my hubby I have become so much less attached to "stuff" over the last 10 years. Sure there are things that we have to keep like photos, baby items and general keepsakes, however we really don't need most of what we have. I have also learned that the bigger your house is the more stuff you have. It's just basic math. So in an effort to have a much less cluttered life, make our move easier and live simpler we have decided to reduce our "stuff."

We have already donated over $2,500 worth of "stuff" to our local GoodWill and we are ready to start selling. We have started a Tumblr account for our sales. This way everything that we are selling is in one general location and we can easily update when something is sold. We will be selling until about 2-3 weeks before our move date in May. After that everything left will go to GoodWill and Habitat for Humanity.

So without further ado, here is our new Tumblr account...

I hope you enjoy this new online moving sale we started. Contact us if you have any questions. We are thinking about keeping the Tumblr site up after our move too to sell any excess we have while building our homestead.

Lots of love,